Giglèe Fine Art Print

Strengths of the giglèe print:

  • broad color spectrum: almost double compared to chemical printing.
  • perfect color match: controllable and certifiable using color measurement and management tools.
  • superior range of print media available, by type and finish.
  • pigment inks, combined with conservative quality printing papers, guarantee superior resistance to fading.
  • perfect stability and repeatability: ideal for limited editions and runs.




With the new series of EPSON pigment inks, a further milestone of quality and durability
for fine art printing has been achieved:

• thanks to the improved stability of the new yellow pigment, the resistance to light exposure
becomes 2-3 times higher than the previous series,
reaching a degree of permanence of more than 200 years for color and 400 years for black/white
* (in relation to the type of paper used and the exposure conditions).

*(data Wilhelm images research – www.wilhelm-research.com).

• even deeper blacks and shadows, thanks to the increase in maximum density (Dmax)
of the new photo black and matt black inks.

• expanded color gamut with significant improvement in image brightness.

• further reduction of metamerism.


All printing processes are in High Fine Art Quality and done by hand only under upon specific request.


Canson Baryta Matt


310 g, 100% alpha cellulose
Natural White (without brighteners)
Baryta Matt Paper
Extraordinary d-max
Acid and lignin free

Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique Matt 310 Fine Art Print
The Canson Baryta Matt 310gr. it is an extremely smooth baryta paper, free of any texture, developed specifically for giclée technology.

It has a pure white point and is absolutely matt / matte:
Its surface does not reflect light from any perspective, making it ideal for exhibitions and exhibitions.
It does not contain acids, lignin and optical brighteners.

The Baryta Photographique Matt 310gr. (exactly like the Canson Baryta Fiber Rag) has a Barium Sulphate coating
(practically the same coating used in silver halide papers), fully restoring the satisfying sensation of the best darkroom baryta paper.
With a truly high D-Max (black density), equivalent to that of a matte digital art paper,
this baryta matt is able to reproduce extraordinary contrast and depth, with vivid and intense colours.

Baryta Photographique Matt fine art paper 310gr.
It therefore represents excellence for Fine Art Printing, producing the best printing results in both color and black and white photography,
thanks to the extraordinary d-max.

Due to the absence of acids and lignin, it meets the most stringent requirements for aging and is the perfect support
to meet the conservation needs of museums, artists and photographers.

Deciding to use the FineArt (or Giclèe) printing technique means choosing a product capable of guaranteeing exceptional rendering in colours,
shadows and lights but above all a durability of over 200 years.

Photo Rag Baryta


315 g, 100% cotton
Natural White (without brighteners)
Baryta paper
Premium coating for outstanding print results
Acid and lignin free

The Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315gr. it is a 100% pure cotton FineArt paper, it does not contain acids and lignin
and fully satisfies the most stringent requirements for aging imposed by the ISO 9706 standards.

The unique structure of the baryta surface gives the paper a very pleasant and refined appearance
suitable for valuable images both in color and in black and white, giving them an artistic and elegant tone.

Baryta paper has a non-optical white tone because it is free from optical brighteners and brighteners
and produces wonderful print results with exceptional color fidelity, sharpness of detail,
perfect black depth and contrast.

Thanks to its structural qualities, weight and sharpness, it is the right support to satisfy every need;
also that of the photographers who used their own darkroom and under the red light handled the baryta cards with barium sulphate.
One of the components of this Fine Art Baryta paper from Hahnemühle is barium sulphate!

Deciding to use the FineArt (or Giclèe) printing technique means choosing a product capable
of guaranteeing an exceptional result
in the colours, in the shadows, in the lights but above all a duration over time of over 200 years.


Canvas Fine Art
Canson Museum

Pro Lustre 385gr


385gr, 100% cotton canvas
No optical brighteners
New microporous technology
Exclusive Luster finish
Very high resolution

Print on Canson fine-art canvas with an exclusive LUSTER surface of extraordinary quality.
Very high resolution and absolute fidelity of tones: from brilliant and vivid colors
(thanks also to the pigments and the Luster surface) to the most delicate shades.
Print on Canson fine-art canvas mounted on wooden frame (2cm Standard or 4cm Gallery)
it becomes a painting ready to be hung on your wall** or prepared for the frame you already own!
(**in this case it is advisable to choose the printed flap and the 4cm Gallery hoop)

The Canson Infinity Museum Pro Canvas Luster print on canvas is the ideal choice for decorating
any room with a classic or modern style, in the home or in the office.

Canvas Fine Art
Daguerre 400gr


400 gr, poly-cotton mix
Extraordinary bright white point
Fine and uniform texture
Premium matte coating for outstanding print results
Acid and lignin free

Fine Art Hahnemühle Daguerre canvas is poly-cotton with a special fine, matte surface.
Characterized by a high degree of whiteness it returns brilliant colors and sharp details
making it suitable for color and black and white images,
as well as for reproductions of works of art.

Hahnemühle’s Daguerre Canvas is acid- and lignin-free and
also meets the most stringent requirements in terms of durability.

A fine-art canvas that will last more than 200 years!
Despite its high grammage, Hahnemühle fine art canvas has excellent elastic properties
and is the ideal choice for mounting on wooden frames.


STANDARD 2 cm thick – when the canvas needs to be framed
3.8cm thick GALLERY – when it is to be displayed without a frame (in this case the printed flap is aesthetically recommended)




Weatherproof / Also suitable for outdoors
Incredibly sharp photographic details
Non-deformable even in large formats

Dbond is a coupled panel made up of 2 external layers in 0.3 mm aluminum
and an internal core in black polyethylene.
Extremely rigid and planar and with excellent dimensional stability,
it is ideal for mounting important and valuable works on a rigid support.

The high quality fine art print is applied on the front panel
with highly professional procedures, and “acid free” materials
in compliance with the recommendations of the Fine Art Trade Guild and ISO standard norms
relating to paper permanence –

Each DBOND art product, is delivered already equipped with Aluminum Spacers;
they are tubular aluminum, light and resistant,
suitable for making spacer frames to be applied on the back of the panel.
In addition to strengthening the panel itself,
they facilitate its attachment to the wall, creating a pleasant suspended effect.



Extraordinary depth effect and brilliant colors

For an acrylic glass print as art, the photo of your preference is first printed on premium fine art photo paper, using the most modern 12-color art printers. Every little detail and every color nuance of the pattern is reproduced perfectly.
The photographic print is then bonded (laminated) to a 4mm thick acrylic glass plate.
For this purpose, latest generation precision printing systems are used.
On the one hand, your photo is protected from sunlight, humidity or other external influences.
On the other hand, the colors and details of the image appear razor-sharp through the glass plate.

Gallery Premium aluminum suspension

The Premium Photo Holder is also ideal for photos on glass, combines an invisible and light appearance as in a gallery, with a stiffening of the photographic plate.