General Terms and  Conditions


The general conditions of sale detailed below (hereafter designated “General Conditions”),
govern the contractual relations between each user of the site



To use the Site, You must be at least of the age of 18, be juridically capable
of contracting and using the Site conformingly with the present General Conditions.
You guarantee the truth and exactitude of the information provided by Yourself, on this Site.
Beautydecorart, reserves itself the right to annul or to refuse the order of a client with whom
there would exist a litigation relative to the payment of an anterior order.

– Methods of payment

Credit/ Debit and Rechargeble Cards,
trough PAYPAL and STRIPE world wide professional payment companies

– 1) The products sold on the Site,
are art photographs and /or others wall art articles numbered and accessories

– 2)The prices are indicated excluding local customs taxes ( if existing ), and excluding shipping fees –
The prices are indicates in Euros currency

– 3)Beautydecorart, reserves the right to modify its prices at all moments.
The works will be billed on the basis of the price list in vigor at the moment
of the registration of orders,under the reserve of availability.
The works rest the property of Beautydecorart until the complete payment
of the indicated prices.

– 4) To effect an order, You should at the minimum pass through the following steps:
• Consultation of the information page presenting the wall art opera. On the screen
You can choose the format and the support among those offer for that wall art opera
Then, you must click on « Add to shopping cart» in order to add that article to your shopping cart.
• Screen of summary and choice of payment.
This screen allows you to choose your mode of payment and to verify the different elements constituting your order (articles, quantity, mode of delivery, total price).
You must insure that all these elements are in conformity with your order. Because of the links on this screen, You have the possibility to modify your order.

– • You must afterward accept the general conditions of sale and of utilization of the Site in order to pass
to the payment step. The conditions are available for reading and for printing from the link
« general conditions of sale ». Their acceptation is effected in checking the box attached to the link to these conditions.
The general conditions of sale and of utilization of the Site must be accepted at each order.

You pay for your order by the method of payment chosen.
The contract is concluded upon the confirmation of the payment by the bank.

5) Security of payments
For the payments by credit card, the transaction is effected by bank informations of the User, and is encrypted (SSL technology, Secure Socket Layer).
It does not circulate freely on the Internet and cannot be intercepted.
Your bank information (number of card, expiration date….) is not communicated to Beautydecorart

6) Proof
The information registered by the Site constitutes the proof of the entirety of transactions effected between the Site and its clients.
The information registered by the system of payment constitutes the proof of financial transactions.


1) The works noted « available under X days» will be expedited in an average of X days.
The works noted « out of print» can no longer be ordered.

2) Beautydecorart delivers in the whole World.

The delivery will be effected to the shipping address that you will validate at the moment of the order
as being the « shipping address», this address being able to be different from the « billing address».

Change of shipping address after the effectuation of the order is not often possible for logical reasons.
You can always contact us, if you wish to change the shipping address,
we will study the possibilities in function of your order.

Modes of deliver and transit times

The possible modes of delivery depend on the quantity, the size of the article(s) ordered and the destination country.
If your order comports articles of different sizes, it is the size of the largest article that is taken into account.
Beautydecorart reserves for itself the right of the choice of the transporter.
The Site sends you a confirmation of your order by email in the minutes that follow.

The delivery date depends on the state of the stock, the date of expedition of the order and the transit time for delivery established by the mode of delivery.
The delivery of items « in stock » will be effected in the indicative transit times mentioned, generally around 15/20 days following the ordering,
except in the case of a force majeure.

The respect of the transit times depends on our transporter. In consequence, no request for indemnification,
whatever nature it may be, will be able to be claimed by the client.

Import fees outside the European Union

Items for shipment to countries outside of the European Union may be subject to taxes,
customs duties and fees levied by the destination country (“Import Fees”).
The recipient of the shipment is the importer of record in the destination country and is responsible for all Import Fees.
With respect to each item for which Import Fees have been calculated, you authorize Beautydecoart to designate a carrier to act as your agent with
the relevant customs and tax authorities in the destination country, to clear your merchandise, process and remit your actual Import Fees for such item.

You further agree that the Designated Carriers may disclose to Beautydecorart the amount of actual Import Fees levied on the item you have purchased from Beautydecorart.
In the case of gifts or other purchases made on behalf of another recipient, you also agree to grant the foregoing authorizations on behalf of the recipient designated in your order.
To obtain details regarding the Actual Import Fees, or to obtain documentation or receipts in connection with customs clearance, you may contact the Designated Carrier
specified in your shipment confirmation.

Reception of the delivery

At the time of reception of your order, it is your responsibility to: –
Ensure that if the packaging is damaged you refuse the package or note your reservations on the delivery slip prior to signing it –
Open the package to check the state of the photographs or frames. In the event of a problem,
please contact our customer service department within 24 hours, with photographic proof of the incident.
No complaint will be admissible if the delivery slip was signed without making note of your doubts or reservations.
If you do not personally receive the package, ask the person in charge of receiving the package to verify it.

Order Form: When you receive your order, it is your responsibility to verify the state of the packaging as well as the item(s)
and to note any reservations you may have on the delivery slip, or simply sign it in the absence of any reservations.
In the event of a problem, please contact our customer service department immediately.

3) Right of revocation
In conformity with the article L121-20 of the code of consummation,
You dispose of a right of revocation for the return of a work that does not suit you.
This right is not applied to gift certificates or orders made by companies.
For all orders on the Site, you dispose of a period of 15 calendar days to notify us of your request for a return.
For this, please contact our customer service that will indicate to you the return address and then you will dispose of a period of 10 days to return to us your order.
No “shipment for reimbursement” will be accepted, for any reason.
Articles returned without their original packaging or incomplete, spoiled, damaged, or dirtied by the client are not reaccepted.
Beautydecorart, will reimburse you the price of the wall arts as well as the original shipping fees (the return shipping fees resting your responsibility)
in a period of 15 days following the reception of the order by Beautydecorart, by credit in the bank account having served for payment,
according to the mode of payment used at the time of the order.

4) Right to return
In the case that the works received do not conform to the order, you dispose of a right to return.
In this case, please contact our customer service which will indicate to you the return address and the procedures of return. Print the Customer Return Authorisation .
Beautydecorart, will effect the exchange of the damaged article, within the limitation that the stock is available.
In the case that an article is no longer available, Beautydecorart will offer you another article of an equivalent sum.

5) Shipping fees
The shipping fees vary according to the destination and the mode of delivery as well as the number and the format of the works ordered.


Beautydecorart, will not be able to be responsible or considered as having committed misfeasance
in the processing of your file, if any delay or inexecution result from a case of force majeure.


Information technology, data files and civil liberties, to the European regulations on protection 2016/679 pertaining to the protection of natural persons with respect
to the treatment of data of a personal nature and the free circulation of said data,, informs the User of its commitment to compliance with the confidentiality,
integrity, and security of the data that the user communicates to us through use of the Website.
Any data of a personal nature identifying you directly (notably your surname, first name, postal address, email address, telephone number)
or indirectly (notably the computer records left by your navigation on the Website) will be considered confidential data and treated as such,
subject to the evolution of the legal framework as to the qualification of data of a personal nature.

5.1. Treatment of Data Concerning the Services
5.1.1 Treatment
The subscription, access and/or use of certain Services involve the processing of personal data, which you hereby accept.
The director for the processing of users’ personal data is contained in section 1.1 of these general terms and conditions of use.
In charge of this treatment, Beautydecorart,is aware of the trust that you have accorded us by confiding your personal information for the use of its services.
Beautydecorart, believes the confidentiality and security of your personal information to be of the utmost importance.
Beautydecorart, thus agrees to respect the present confidentiality policy that you tacitly accept by using its services.

5.1.2 Nature and Purpose of the Personal Data
By using our portal or our services, the User communicates to BEAUTYDECORART information or data,
some of which are of a nature to directly or indirectly identify the User.

The data collected comes from the voluntary supply of their information by users wishing to access or use a Service requiring such processing,
from the digital traces left by their navigation on the Website, or from the transmission by one of the partners to the other partner of the data thus collected.

This data may be used for the purposes of managing operations performed on the Website and commercial actions by

This data is also used:

For the creation and management of users’ accounts;
-For the provision of Beautydecorart services; ;

For follow-up with users;
-To communicate requests for information emitted by the User to the freight carriers;

The User’s personal data collected by Beautydecorart may be their:

-First and last names

Email address
Telephone number
Postal address
Internet Protocol (IP) address
Username and password
-A copy of the exchanges between Beautydecorart and the User

Information relative to the User’s navigation and activity
Information relative to the User’s geolocation
You accept that these be used and/or communicated according to the terms and conditions herein specified.

Targeted Advertising, Emails and SMS
With your consent, when required, Beautydecorart, may use the data that you provide for the purposes of commercial prospection
(for instance, to address newsletters to you, send you invitations to our events, or any other communication likely to be of interest to you,
and present targeted advertising on social networks or third-party websites).

Beautydecorart only shares your data with the third parties mentioned in the present section in the following cases:

When we call on a service provider within the framework of the performance of any agreement signed between you and us or in order to provide or improve our services;

-When Beautydecorarty has the legal obligation to do so or if Beautydecorart believes in good faith that it is necessary to respond to any claim made against it,
comply with any legal request, or in order to guarantee the rights, assets, and security of Beautydecorart, its members and, broadly, any third party. .

In the event that Beautydecorart sells or acquires a company or its assets, in which case it reserves the right to share your personal data
with the potential vendor or purchaser of said company or assets.

Pursuant to the applicable legislation and with your consent as required,Beautydecorart,may aggregate personal data that Beautydecorart has received,
notably all or part of your personal data and the information collected via cookies. This aggregate data shall only be used for the outcomes described above.

5.2.2 Transfer of Data
As a general rule, Beautydecorart, conserves personal data within the European Union.

Nevertheless, insofar as, for instance, some of our Service Providers are located in countries outside of the European Union (“Third Countries”), Beautydecorart,
transfers certain personal data to Third Countries. They may notably be transferred to Third Countries for which the European Commission has not ruled on “adequate protection”.
In this event,Beautydecorart, shall ensure that this transfer is performed in compliance with the relevant regulations and guarantees a sufficient level of protection for the private life
and fundamental rights of the persons concerned (notably via the standard contractual clauses of the European Commission).

5.3 User’s Rights
You enjoy:

a right of access: the right to receive a copy of your personal data held by us;
a right of erasure or right of deletion: the right to erase your personal data held by Beautydecorart (except when the law imposes the preservation of said data or when Beautydecorart
has legitimate grounds to do so);
a right of rectification: the right to modify personal data held by Beautydecorart that concern you that are erroneous or obsolete;
a right of opposition: at any time, you may oppose, for reasons due to your particular situation, the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing,
except where legitimate and compelling grounds apply for the processing that prevail over the interests, rights, and freedoms of the person concerned, or for the observation,
exercise, or defence of rights before the courts;
a right of limitation: you have the right to limit the processing of your personal data in the following cases:
if you exercise your right of rectification, the limitation of processing may be requested any time within the period allowing Beautydecorart to verify their accuracy;

if you exercise your right of opposition, during the verification period concerning the aspect of knowing whether the legitimate grounds that Beautydecorart is purs

5.4 Technical Data Processing – Cookies
Beautydecoart also performs automatic recording of certain technical data.

During consultation of the Website, the technical data likely to be recorded, through the access or use of the Website are the user’s Internet Protocol (IP)
address and the information relative to the user’s configuration (type of machine, browser, etc.) and navigation (date, time, pages consulted, any error notices, etc.).

The latter set of data may be stored, via your browsing software, in short textual files (cookies), subject to your choices, in a dedicated space on the disk.
Beautydecorart and/or its partners process this technical data in a completely anonymous manner, connecting them to no information allowing the user to be identified,
and it does not and/or they do not transfer them to third parties.

Each cookie is attributed an anonymous identifier. The cookie file enables its emitter to identify the device in which it is recorded during the period
of validity or recording of the cookie in question.

Cookies, depending on their category, are used for the following outcomes:

An initial category of cookies involves those that are strictly necessary in order to use the Website.
They are indispensable for navigating on the Website and enjoying all of its functions (compatibility with the user’s operating system, display, etc.).
They allow certain functions of the Website to be adapted and presented to your browser and hardware. They are essentially technical cookies that do not identify you as an individual.

Another category of cookies concerns those that enable the measurement of performance.
These cookies allow statistics on usage and traffic volumes of the various services of the Website to be established.
They aim to enable BeautyDecorart to improve users’ comfort. These cookies do not identify you as an individual.

These two categories of cookies are only used for the purposes of establishing statistics of use, prevention of errors, prevention of violations and piracy of the website,
or improvement of the Website’s conditions of use or access.

A third category of cookies concerns functionality. They will help to simplify your navigation.
They allow some of your choices to be recorded (language, username, country, information pertaining to a previously entered form, etc.).


In consequence, the company Beautydecorart declines all responsibility for all interruption of the site, all incidence of bugs,
all inexactitude or omission concerning the information available on the site, all damages resulting from a fraudulent intrusion of a third party having brought about
a modification of the information put at disposition on the site.

This site can contain links to other sites. The company Beautydecorart cannot be held responsible for the problems of access or for the contents of these sites
will not be responsible for damages resulting from the utilization or of the impossibility of the utilization of the Site. will not be in any case responsible for dysfunction
imputable to software programs, which may or may not be incorporated into the Site or provided with it.

Beautydecoart, commits itself to respect all the legal guarantees over which You could prevail.
The works presented on our site being in conformity with the prescriptions of Italian law,
we will not be held responsible for the violation of legislation proper to the country of delivery.
In consequence, we invite You to consult the law in vigor in the country of delivery.


1) Rights concerning the work
The artist, because of having taken the initiative of his creation, remains the bearer of the rights of author of his or her work,
as defined by Italian law. The rights of representation and of reproduction of the works presented on the site belong to their authors and to Beautydecorart.
Their conjoint authorization is necessary for all exploitation of these rights. Your rights to the purchased work are therefore limited to a right to private use,
excluding any right of representation and of reproduction.

2) Intellectual property right
All the elements present on the site and the site in itself are protected by the right of the author, right of trademarks, of designs,
and models and/or all other intellectual property rights. By item, which we understand to be non-exhaustive:
the photographs, images, designs, illustrations, texts, videos, logos, screen savers, backgrounds, trademarks, models, software programs…
These articles belong to the company Beautydecorart or are utilized with the permission of their owners.
Therefore, all reproduction, representation, utilization, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, commercialization, partial or integral by whatever procedure
or on whatever medium that may be (paper, digital…) are forbidden, without the advanced written authorization of Beautydecorart,
under the pain of constituting a breach in the copyrights of the author and/or of designs and models and/or of trademark


The present conditions are governed by Italian law.
In the hypothesis that litigation would be born out of the present contractual relation, the User and Beautydecorart commit before any judiciary action to search an amiable solution.
In the case of litigation, only Italian Tribunals will be competent.